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Artist: Haruhisa Tanaka

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The top ambient captivating listeners in Japan! Prepare for a euphoric ambient masterpiece, cocooned in the comforting embrace of nostalgic guitar layers.

The first vinyl release by Japanese ambient musician Haruhisa Tanaka, who holds the record for the highest number of monthly listeners in the ambient genre on Spotify in Japan and was selected as one of the Best of Ambient X 2023. This euphoric ambient piece features a warm, nostalgic sound created with guitar melodies, environmental sounds, analog tape loops, and old technology.

This ambitious project was crafted entirely in Japan, from dub cutting to pressing. The sleeve, inspired by ink painting, marks the debut release from the up-and-coming art label "teinei," dedicated to producing records that double as art pieces for display.

“Nayuta” / Haruhisa Tanaka
(Release date: April 7, 2024)

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